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VRChat Tutorial | Best Tutorials for Beginners

I have made several VRChat tutorials throughout the years. Before I share what I think are some great tutorials, new creators should know where to find the necessary software and information.

In my opinion, the best software to use for 3D modeling is Blender. While other 3D software works great, Blender is completely free and available for anyone to use. You can download the program here.

You will also need Unity Game Engine to make VRChat worlds. Unity is also a free program. To make worlds for VRChat, you must be using the correct version of the game engine as well. You can learn about which Unity version you need to download and how to download Unity, by reading VRChat’s documentation here.

The last thing you will need is the VRChat SDK. By logging into VRChat, on the website, you can visit the downloads page. On this page, you can download the SDK for VRChat worlds. By reading the VRChat documentation, you can learn about setting up the SDK. Basically, you just need to download the worlds SDK and import it into your Unity project.

Here are some tutorials that I feel are the most beneficial to beginner world creators:

Create a VRChat World from Start to Finish

Some of my most popular tutorials are the tutorials that go through the entire process for creating a world. I show you each step from the very beginning. I try to keep these tutorials short and concise, only sharing the information necessary to help any beginner get started. While I have several tutorials like this, the most recent one will be the most beneficial to players, since it has the most up to date information.

As an added benefit, you can download the world I made. In the description of the video, you will find a link to that download.

How to Bake Lights

Optimizing your worlds is very important. One of the best ways to optimize a world is to bake your lights. In this tutorial I share some best practices for light baking, specific to VRChat. There are a ton of ways to optimize and what you need to do depends on your specific situation. If you’re new to world building and find light baking a bit confusing, this tutorial can help.

How to Deal with Compiler Errors

Imagine you just finished a world and now you want to upload. Everything seems fine but for some reason it doesn’t work. Lots of things can happen that break your world and it can be very frustrating. I tried to shine some light on experiencing issues like this. The most common issue to worlds not updating are usually compiler errors. While this tutorial is not about showing you how to fix scripts that give you compiler errors, it is about debugging a world that is acting weird or isn’t working (usually because of a compiler error). This is geared towards beginners. If your world breaks, isn’t updating, or just acting weird, this tutorial may help you.



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