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VRChat Announces Policy Regarding Crypto and NFTs

Today VRChat announced their official policy regarding NFT and crypto. They wrote “We do not permit promotion, advertising, integration, or solicitation of unauthorized products or services like NFT or blockchain technology in VRChat”. They also go on to say they do not plan to incorporate services like NFT or crypto but they will allow any kind of asset to be published on the platform as long as it doesn’t break their TOS.

This stance isn’t surprising at all. Most of the community seems to be against crypto and VRChat has banned NFT/crypto avatars from events in the past. While VRChat is against crypto/NFT it doesn’t mean people will stop selling NFT avatars. Anyone can get a 3D model from anywhere, NFT or not, and upload it to VRChat.

This definitely pushes NFT type content away from VRChat, but I’m still not convinced NFTs are going anywhere in regards to social VR.

You can read what VRChat announced here: https://hello.vrchat.com/blog/our-policy-on-nfts-and-blockchain-in-vrchat





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