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VR Workstations: Meta Cambria and SimulaVR

I want a VR workstation. That is a VR headset I can use like my work PC. I want to be able to put a VR headset on my head, work on all my projects with an unlimited amount of virtual monitors and then easily move to a social space and hang out with friends. It seems like we are finally getting close to that reality. Meta’s Cambria headset and SimulaVR headset are two headsets being marketed as work headsets.

When I say work headsets, what I mean is they aren’t being marketed as gaming headsets. The price points of both these headsets seem to suggest that its not for the casual user. We don’t know how much the Cambria will cost, but its suggested that it will exceed $1000. SimulaVR markets its headset as “the worlds first Linux VR headset”. The price for their headsets have decreased since I last looked. Now you can pre order one for as low as $1,150.

I won’t get deep into specs. The main features of these work headsets, that I’m looking forward to, is how it handles virtual monitors and how it utilizes it’s passthrough features. I would appreciate being able to work and being able to see my coffee mug at the same time. Users need to be able to see words clearly, so resolution size will be important. Both these headsets exceed 2k resolution in each eye, with SimulaVR getting them up to 2,448 x 2,448 per eye.

In conclusion, I’m excited for these headsets. I have full intention of purchasing one of them to test.



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