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VR Hardware (CES 2022)

There are a lot of VR hardware being announced at CES this year. You’ve got some goggle looking headset announced by Panasonic, Sony announced PSVR 2, and there have been a variety of accessories announced including a wrist tracker from HTC. Most of this new hardware doesn’t really excite me. Its all very cool stuff, but most of it are things that aren’t going to make my VR experience better. They feel like more stepping stones to the greater and better things that are to come. I currently play using a Valve Index and if a headset isn’t offering a much better experience than that, then I don’t really care for it. The last piece of VR hardware I got excited for was the Varjo Aero.

I’m very excited for new VR hardware and I’m going to continue watching what is being announced.



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