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Vive XR Elite

Another standalone headset! The Vive XR Elite is a standalone headset that is set to compete with the Meta Quest Pro. The starting price is $1100. If it’s anything like the Quest Pro, I’m not entirely sure who this headset is for. My experience with the Quest Pro is that its just a more expensive Quest 2. The XR features are cool and all, but definitely not worth the price you pay. The Vive XR Elite seems to be just a replica of that.

The headset does have some extra features, such as a removable battery pack. It’s been said that the XR features are better than the Quest Pro. It will also be able to play all the games featured on the Vive Focus. To say the least I do not have high hopes for this headset.

I love more standalone stuff, but at this point, I need more PC like features or PCVR quality games to justify the prices. If you want to play VR games and you are willing to spend $1000+ then just buy a used PCVR headset and a gaming PC. You’ll have a better time. The features I want on a standalone headset are reliable remote desktop features and a good browser.

The headset is set to ship in March 2023. I guess we will see how this headset actually ends up doing.



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