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Video Content in VR

My original decision for purchasing a Quest was to make sure I can create content on that device. To make Quest content I need a Quest to test with. Most of my leisure time in VR is spent using my PC VR to explore social VR platforms. This means, I’m usually not using the Quest headset for fun. While I didn’t use it to play games often, I did use it constantly to watch Netflix and Youtube before bed.

Video in VR

Video in VR is amazing. Watching Netflix and Youtube on my quest, laying in bed, is very enjoyable. The environment and screen size can be whatever I want it to be+-+. Watching video content in a social environment is even better. In the comfort of my own home, I can hang out with a group of friends and watch a movie in a theater environment. Big Screen, a social VR platform, was built specifically for this type of experience.

Video VR Platforms

Big Screen is a platform where you can watch a multitude of content in social VR environments. You can hang out with friends or meet new people. Netflix also has an oculus app that allows you to watch Netflix using your Quest. VRChat, isn’t specific for video, but the creation tools have allowed users to create worlds that are used for the same function. Some of the biggest worlds in VRChat are movie streaming worlds, that illegally stream video content.

Video Content in the Future

As VR headsets get better and become more available, I believe watching video in VR will become more desirable. I can see major streaming platforms creating their own platforms to stream their content. Netflix is already ahead in this regard. I would love to see video content become available in popular Social VR platforms too.



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