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Simula VR

I believe that VR headsets will become the personal computer of tomorrow. Imagine a VR headset with a completely clear display, extremely large FOV, powerful enough to run any game, and is a standalone device. In VR, you can be in any environment and you wouldn’t be restricted to a couple monitors. This is the future that we are heading to. Headsets are getting better, cheaper, and more powerful. It wouldn’t surprise me if Meta launched a Quest with a trackable keyboard. The reason I bring this up is because there is a company developing a headset that advertises itself more as a PC than as a gaming console.


The SimulaVR, or SVR, is a headset in development that is made to be your next PC. While it isn’t the dream headset that I imagined, its a really good starting point. The specs include a 2k screen per eye, 100 degree FOV, i7 processor, 16gb of memory, and supports tethering to your PC. The headset uses a Linux based operating system. This may mean some apps may not be supported.

I’m very interested to see how this headset performs. The developers seem to be depending on Kickstarter to create the headset with the price of a headset being set around $2.8K. I’m probably just going to wait and see what will happen with this headset (though it is tempting, I do want it). I believe this is the first of many personal computer type headsets.

Here’s a link to SimulaVR websites, for anyone interested in looking into it.




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