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Rec Room Studios

Today, Rec Room announced they are partnering with Unity to create Rec Room Studios. Rec Room Studios will allow Rec Room creators to build worlds using Unity. One of my biggest issues with platforms like Rec Room and Horizon, is that you are limited by the creation tools of those platforms. By allowing users to use Unity to create content, it gives a ton of freedom to the creator. I am very interested in creating with Rec Room Studios.

The announcement didn’t come with a ton of details. Currently, they are preparing for beta testing. There will still be some limitations, like no custom shaders. You’ll be able to import content into Unity and use it in your Rec Room worlds. The Rec Room collaboration tools will still be available, allowing multiple players to work on a world, even while using Rec Room Studios. Unity is a powerful tool and creators will have a lot more freedom when they are able to use it. At this point, I am very excited for this and will end up spending more time on Rec Room exploring these new tools, when they are available.




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