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November Monthly Update

The Black Cat Christmas Update!

December is here and The Black Cat is once again decorated for the holiday season! Say hi to the snowman in the lobby, give your friends a present, or jump down the chimney that has magically appeared in the middle of the lobby. And yes, I fixed the picture frames in the entrance area. This update is complete, though I’m still in the process of getting settled in a new Country. I currently do not have internet, so hopefully the update will come out soon, if I can use my data. Otherwise, it might not be posted until December 6th.

5th Street Bar added to Catalog

5th Street Bar is one of my favorite worlds. I’ve been meaning to make it available for a while. Finally, I’ve packaged it and it is now on my website https://vr.space. The Bar is a three story building (including roof access). There is a stage area, a bar on every floor, and multiple exterior patios. There are two packages included, one that is VRChat ready and one that is AltSpace ready.

VR.Space: /downloads/5th-street-bar/

Booth: https://booth.pm/en/items/4330282

New Worlds Being Packaged

My next world to be packaged is called Skyscraper Office. This is a large world with many custom Udon tools focused on presentations. There are multiple private rooms that can be locked and tools to be used in the space. This world will be packaged for both VRChat and AltSpace.

Rowdy Residence

Rowdy Residence is a new world that I’m hoping to publish this Month. The world is a large, two story Mcmansion with multiple bedrooms and hangout areas. The entire home is accessible to players and features a ton of props.




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