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New World Available

This is a new world I just modeled and is packaged for VRChat. Download the world here.

I had the urge to model some Christmas lights and I wanted to take a high poly detailed light bulb and try to texture bake it onto a much lower poly model. I also wanted the lights to be dynamic. The bake came out looking like this:

Its not too bad, but I’m  happy with the results. Since I went through the trouble of modeling this dynamic set of lights, I thought I would make a world around it. I basically designed this world around this set of lights.

The world is small and consists of two rooms. There is a larger living area, where the pool table and video player are. The pool table mesh is modeled by me and the video player is my own asset. Then there is a smaller room, with some party lights, disco ball, and a mirror.

I took the opportunity to make some books. Books are notoriously annoying to make, because each one has to be different and it ends up being very time consuming. I decided to take the time to make a row of books that look as realistic as possible so that I would have them if I ever needed shelf props. They turned out really good. In this world they are joined with the shelves, but you can download them individually here on Sketchfab.



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