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Monthly Update May 2022

Hey everyone. I’ve spent most of this past month working on bowling worlds! I think we are very close to completing some of these assets. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Bowling Alley Prefab

The bowling prefab is an asset I’ve been building, with the help of a programmer. When this is complete, I will be posting it on Booth and Patron for free. If you’d like to see a short video on this, check out my twitter (@spookyghostboo1).

e-Lanes Galactic Bowling World

This will be my first world with the bowling prefab. Its an 80’s inspired space themed bowling alley. There are four lanes and tons of bowling balls. The world is small, and mainly consists of the bowling alley. There is also an entrance, bathroom, and kitchen area. If you’re a current contributor tier patron or higher, you can visit the world now here:


Bowling Alley World WIP

This will be VR Space’s next public world. A more upscale, warm toned, bowling alley. I just finished texturing this world, and I’ll be adding the bowling prefab soon. When this world gets closer to completion, I will make it available for patrons in the early access tier.

More Stuff

I have been working on packaging Hidden Heights. I would like to make the world available with the bowling alley included. So I’m waiting to finish the prefab before I put the world up for sale. Just an FYI. Suburban Lakehouse should also be getting an update soon, as well. I think that’s all. Thank you everyone for supporting! Happy Pride Month! Feel free to shoot me a message if you need anything.



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