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Monthly Update July 2022

E-Lanes Galactic Bowling world and the Bowling Prefab was Published!

This past month I finally pushed the Bowling Prefab Live! It’s in a world I made, called E-Lanes Galactic Bowling. You can visit the world now and download the prefab.

Visit World: https://vrchat.com/home/world/wrld_506c5a27-3033-47d8-80d3-dfce06e455fc

Download Prefab: https://www.patreon.com/posts/vrchat-bowling-69146304

I have been collecting bug reports on the prefab and plan to do an update to fix some things. You’ll be able to download the updates from my Patreon, Booth, or the Prefabs database.

The Galactic Bowling world will be available to Patrons and for sale on Booth, once I package it. The package should be available sometime this month.

Highrise Bowling World

I’ve continue to work on a new bowling world called Highrise Bowling. I’ve shown this world off a bit in the Monthly updates. Now that the prefab is completed, this world should be done soon.

Pavlov Maps

I don’t make Pavlov maps often, but I felt the urge to make some this past month. If you’re interested in Pavlov and want to check out some maps I made, you can find them here:


Future Projects

Currently, I’m shifting gears to work on some new projects. I’m beginning to focus on smaller worlds. Below I’ll share some screenshots of some projects I’ve been working on. That’s about it for the Monthly Update. Thank you everyone who continue to support this content! If you ever need me, feel free to message anytime.




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