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Monthly Update August

Hey Everyone! Here is what I’ve been working on this past month:

New Worlds Available

This past month, two worlds became available. The first world is e-Lanes Galactic Bowling Alley. This is a world that went public recently and features the bowling Alley prefab. The second world is Backyard Bliss. The world is a backyard of a Midwestern American home. There is a pool, hot tub, billiards table, and many mirror locations.

E-Lane Galactic Bowling

Booth: https://spookyghostboo.booth.pm/items/4088435

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/galactic-bowling-70576033

Backyard Bliss



Bowling Alley Prefab Update

We did a couple patches with the Bowling Prefab to try and fix bugs. The current version of the Bowling Prefab is v1.2. You can learn more about the prefab updates here: /e-lanes_bowling_vr/

Black Cat Halloween

Its almost Halloween! The Black Cat Halloween updates have already begun. I’ve got nothing good to show yet, but I wanted to let everyone know, Halloween Updates are coming!

Patreon Updates!

I’ve changed how I collect information from my patrons. With the help of UdonVR, everything is now automated. To get your name on the board or receive other in game content, you must link your discord account with your Patreon account.

Once you’re in my discord, you can link your VRChat account with the UdonVR bot. This change happened last month, but is officially implemented in many of my worlds this month. More in game content will be coming for Patrons.

Thank you everyone who continues to support my content. If you need anything, feel free to message me!



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