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Meta Cambria Launch October

I’ve been anticipating the launch of Meta’s new headset, Cambria. It feels like Meta has been somewhat secretive about the headset. I’m a big fan of standalone headsets, so I’ve been itching for some more info. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced on the Joe Rogan Podcast that the headset would be available in October.

We still don’t know the price, but it’s been rumored to be around a $1000. This headset is much more expensive than the Quest, which initially came as a surprise. Even with it being so expensive, there isn’t much competition for it. Other standalone headsets are either too expensive or not nearly as powerful. The headsets I’m thinking about are the Stimula and HTC Vive Flow. It’s biggest competitor is most likely the Quest 2, another Meta headset.

We do know a lot of the specs, such as the resolution is 2160×2160 in each eye and has a 90hz refresh rate. I couldn’t find information about the FOV, so I’d be interested in learning that.  You can see more about it’s specs here.

While I have my issues with Meta, I do like their hardware. Like I said, there isn’t much competition in the standalone VR market. I’m very excited for to trying it out.



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