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January 2022 Monthly Update

Hidden Heights WIP

I have been working on this world for months now!! I feel it is almost done, so I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to complete this project. Hidden Heights is a multi story mansion, inspired by luxury homes in the Seven Hills community in Las Vegas. The world has a large pool, card games, billiard tables, rock climbing, golf, and a bowling alley. I crammed a lot into this world. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Game Assets WIP

With the Hidden Heights world, I’ve been working on some games with some other creators. I’m working on creating example worlds for each of the games. I don’t have a lot to update on this, but just know, things are being built! Here is a screenshot of the golf example WIP world:

Asset Library

I have a lot of models! I want to make them available individually without packaging asset packs. I feel like keeping everything separately, it will make it easier for people to just grab what they want. A lot of these assets will also be in worlds that will be available for download too. Here is one render of one of the models:




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