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I Keep Playing Horizon


I’m beginning to rack up the hours in Horizon. I spend my time jumping worlds, talking to whoever approaches me, and building environments.

People in Horizon seem to be much more willing to talk to anyone who loads into the space. Consistently, no matter the world, when I load in, people will usually come over to talk. It’s to be expected for this to happen in a social VR environment, but for some reason, I wasn’t expecting it. Most of my time is spent in VRChat, and people are usually in their clique and aren’t willing to approach other players like this.

I wander around to look at the creations of people in the Horizon community. My favorite worlds so far have been the environments in the exploration tab. There usually isn’t much to Horizon worlds, so when I’m able to explore and move around, I enjoy it more.

The building tools are becoming easier to mess with. It can be difficult to place shapes where I want them to go. I found turning off the snap tool and using the arrows to move is the easiest way to be accurate.

I still have my issues with Horizon, but I plan to continue to mess with its tools a learn more about the platform.



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