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How to Import VR.Space Worlds Using VRChat Creator Companion (VCC)

VRChat Creator Companion, or VCC, is VRChat’s new creator tool. This is a program you download from the VRChat website and install onto your computer. Assuming you have the proper Unity version installed, you can use VCC to create new projects and open old projects. VCC will keep your projects updated and allow you install plugins offered by VRChat. To learn more about VCC, you can read VRChat’s blog post.

How to Import VR.Space Content Using VCC

A lot of the content, provided by VR.Space, offer instructions on how to import into Unity. With VCC, importing content is much easier.

First you want to make sure you have the proper Unity version installed and VCC installed. You can learn more about VRChat Unity Requirements by looking at their documentation.

First, you’ll want to open VCC. On the left side, select “New” under “Projects”.

After selecting “New”, select “World” project. Most packages will work with a normal World project, but if you are trying to use a project that utilizes UdonSharp, select “UdonSharp”, instead of “World”.

You’ll want to name your new project and choose where to save it at. After this, VCC will load for a moment. Once it’s finished loading, you’ll be able to open the project you just created. Press “Open Project”.

Unity will take a moment to load all the packages. This will only take some time the first time you open the project. Once Unity is open and everything is loaded, you’ll be ready to import your VR.Space project.

Navigate to the Unity package you downloaded off of VR.Space. Double click on the package and it will begin to import into your project. Everything should load in easily! And that’s it! If you ever need help with importing assets, you can go to our Contact page and reach out for help.





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