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Horizon Worlds Update

I saw an announcement that said Horizon had added a bowling game, so I had to jump in and check it out. Upon joining the app, I saw that they had made several more updates.

Home World Added

Horizon Worlds has now added Home worlds. The Horizon home world is a two story apartment. There are multiple balcony/outdoor areas, and a large living room. It also includes many games and customizable features. The world is very nice. I’m looking forward to being able to create Home worlds for Horizon.

While I have my issues with Horizon, I do enjoy seeing what people build, using the tools. Creating in Horizon is a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Putting the headset on and being able to completely focus on building is kind of a meditative experience. Many of the environments I’ve been building would work very well as home worlds.

Venues added to Horizon Worlds

They have finally integrated Horizon Venues with Horizon Worlds. It never made sense to me why it was separate. I believe all of Meta’s platforms should be integrated into worlds. Keeping platforms separate just ends up alienating people. If everything is on the same platform, a player can easily go to an event and then go to a hangout world seamlessly. Seeing Venues in Worlds probably means Workrooms will most likely be next.

Horizon Games

The whole reason why I jumped on was to play Bowling, which I actually never found. I saw it advertised in a tweet, but somehow missed it in game? Regardless, I got to see some of their other games that were published.

I played paddle golf, which is a golf like game in Horizon Worlds. Instead of hitting a golf ball with a club, you hit it with a paddle. Pretty self explanatory, I know. The world was nice and I can see myself enjoying the game with friends. Kind of an underwhelming experience though.

They had other games in their featured section some by members of the community. I spent most of my time jumping to worlds created by the community. There are a lot of cool and creative things that people have made and I always enjoy exploring. Looking through the worlds submitted to Horizon Worlds Spring Jam was especially enjoyable.



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