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Everyone Got a Quest 2 for Christmas


There used to be a time when you’d log onto VRChat and you’d be lucky if there was a world with a couple hundred  people in it. Today I logged on and one of my worlds had over 8,000 people in it. Since I’ve been involved in VR development, it’s been expected for the player base for VR games to increase dramatically every holiday season. This year is crazy though. Before Christmas, my world would hit anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 concurrent visitors and now I’m watching it creep towards 10,000. It’s honestly incredible to have a space that gets so much traffic.

Theres not much to this post. I’m really excited for the future of VR. The growth in the last year was substantial and it seems its going to be even bigger in 2022. Looking at the numbers before and after Christmas, it seems everyone got a Quest from Santa. Looking at the news, there seems to be new VR tech everywhere. Apple has a device that will be coming out next year. There are new haptic gloves being teased online. There’s a lot going on. Like I said, I’m extremely excited.



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