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Create a Custom VR Space Tutorial

I just posted a new tutorial! I broke the video up into a multitude of sections, which shows every step to creating a custom social VR environment. This tutorial is specific to VRChat, but the majority of the content is general game development information.

Video Chapters

Here is a general overview of the timestamped chapters in the video:

  1. Find 3D Models
  2. Modeling with Blender
  3. Face Orientation
  4. Where to Find Textures
  5. Blender Materials
  6. UV Unwrapping
  7. Getting Started with Unity
  8. Import FBX
  9. Unity Basic Controls
  10. Unity Materials
  11. Import Assets into Unity
  12. Unity Collision
  13. Compression and File Size
  14. Occlusion Culling
  15. Audio in Unity
  16. VRC Scripts
  17. UI Menus
  18. Upload to PC
  19. Upload to Android


Whether Big or small, all world creation follows a similar work flow. This video shows the work flow I use for making content and goes into detail for each step.






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