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Blender 2.9 Walk Feature

I recently learned about the walk feature in Blender and its amazing. Most of my day is spent working in Blender and I hate that I didn’t know about this. I regularly move my camera to be in the position of a character height just to get an idea of what the environment looks like. I had no idea I could hit a simple button and walk around in first person.

From what I’ve found, this feature has been around for a while. There were some forums referencing a flying feature in version 2.69. Looking at the Blender Manual there are several ways to get to it, but the method that seems easiest for me is to just press F3 and search “walk”.

By default the fly feature is enabled and by pressing tab you can toggle between flying and walking. The program creates colliders on all the objects and allows you to walk through meshes easily.

Usually, I create an object to mimic a human for scale. I use a cube that is 1.8m in height and have the length and width set to .2 meters. I instinctively compared the default view height to my cube human and saw it was a bit shorter. You can change the view height by going to the preference settings and going into the navigation tab. I changed mine to be 1.8m.



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