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Are Virtual Reality Headsets Worth It

Yes. Virtual reality headsets are worth it. Obviously I would think its worth it, I’m a bit obsessed with VR. There are going to be people who think otherwise, but when I first used a VR headset, it blew me away. I think gaming in VR is so much cooler and way more fun than traditional video games. Being able to walk around in digital 3D environments feels so magical to me. It’s like literally walking into the internet. So clearly, I’m a huge fan. If you enjoy playing video games, I think you would enjoy a VR headset.

Of course, there are more use cases for a VR headset other than gaming, but gaming is kind of the main focus for consumer headsets. Most headsets require a gaming PC to work, which means there is a high price point to begin playing. The most affordable option to begin playing VR is purchasing the Meta Quest 2, which starts at $400. I highly recommend a PCVR headset over a standalone, for gaming, but the Meta Quest 2 definitely has the best price. The Quest 2 can also be tethered to a gaming PC for a PCVR experience.

I’m a big believer that VR and social VR is going to play a huge role in a lot of people’s lives, so I do think buying a VR headset is worth it.




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