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A Program You Should Know About

I want to share a program I really like. Its called Tree it. Its a 3D tree generator and its really very simple to use. Here is the link to it:


I’m considered a hard surface modeler so I don’t get a lot of practice with organic shapes. This is mostly my fault. I just really like modeling restaurants and houses. I was shown Tree it and its made things very simple for me. When I need something specific I can open the program and make a tree insanely quick. Their website also has a bunch of examples that you can work off of.

There are tools in Blender and Unity that offer a similar tree generating tool. Unity’s tool feels clunky to me, and admittedly, I haven’t messed with it in years. Blenders tree generator is great. You can create some really amazing stuff with it. Add some leave meshes and the particle emitter and you can have extremely realistic trees. The only problem is your tree ends up being extremely high poly. Opening a free software and pressing a few buttons to get something you wanted is way better.



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