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A New VRChat World

Hidden Heights is a new VRChat world I’ve been working on for several months. The world is a three story mansion, inspired by the luxury homes found around Las Vegas. The home is built on a hill, has a large pool, and you can rock climb the height of the three story home. There are many games located around the world. And of course, there are tons of mirror locations for the mirror dwellers.


My first step is to draw a layout. I spent a considerable amount of time drawing layouts for this world. I looked at a ton of references of Mansions and even downloaded blueprints to real houses I found. The house should feel huge, but easy to navigate.

I started with creating the walls and floors. I usually use planes with the solidify modifier to map out some rooms. As I build out furniture, the walls, floors, and ceilings are adjusted to fit to the proper scale.

It was challenging to create the rock features around the pool. I struggle the most with organic shapes. To create the rocks, I used a plane and extruded a shape similar to what I wanted. After adding some thickness to it, I added the multiresolution modifier. The next step was to import some rock brushes and sculpt out the shapes. A lot of meshes in this world were very high poly, so I created low poly meshes and baked the normals of all these meshes. Hidden Heights, is around the same poly count as The Black Cat, which surprises a lot of people.


There are a lot of games in this world, including a ton of public prefabs. There are two billiards tables in the world. I added never have I ever, which is a classic party game that has been popular in VRChat. VR Space developed a golf game, where players can hit golf balls into rings for points. You can also find, spin the bottle, rock climbing, and cards around the map.


The world runs smoothly on both PC and Quest. A lot of games and meshes are occluded for the player. Players also have the option to disable games so they are always off. Lights are baked in the world. Its my largest world on quest, coming in around 85mb, but once its loaded, it should run as well as any other quest world.

Go Visit

You can visit the world here!



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